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As summer draws to an end, parents begin to feel the excitement of that wonderful time and I’m not talking about Christmas.  Yes folks, I’m talking about the “B” words.  Back To School.  Yep those three little words will turn even the most patience, gentle parent into a ball of excitement.  After a long summer of breaking up fights, kissing boo boo’s, spending horrendous amounts of money on summer camps and never having any time to yourself, parents rejoice in the thought of being able to sit down and finish their morning coffee without having any interruptions.

Now, I don’t have to worry about back to school anymore but I always remember as a child, the excitement of going to school with a new outfit on or a new pencil case hoping to be the envy of all my friends, not to mention the joy of seeing friends you haven’t seen all summer and bragging about the many adventures you went on during your vacation.  I remember the smiles on my children’s faces as they waited for the school bus, excited to show their friends all the cool stuff they had for school.

I have to admit, I still go through the flyers when they come in, looking at all the bright colorful pens, pencils and paper they now have to offer but am so happy I don’t have to join the mad dash in the stores as parents scramble to fill the endless list of school supplies.

As a parent, I think it is important to start your kids off in the new school year feeling confident and special, but it can be very expensive when you have more than one child starting school.  I found some great deals on Amazon I thought I would share.  Not only are they priced right, but they are colorful, bright and would make any child feel like they are important.

As a parent, we want our child to succeed and how better to do that than to make them feel proud of themselves because after all our children are our future.

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