How Do You Say Goodbye

I haven’t posted on my blog for a while and recently have been thinking about getting back into it.  I thought this would be an appropriate subject to start up again.

Hunter, our yellow lab, came into our lives about seven years ago.  He was a rescue dog, found on a Reserve, skin and bones, whip marks all over his face, teeth broken and missing.  The only thing we knew about him other than the fact he had been abandoned and mistreated was that he had a pellet in his back leg and stomach that were never removed.  Despite all this, we brought him into our home and although he has not been an active dog he has given us seven years of unconditional love and affection.  Regardless of how humans treated him in the past, he never showed any signs of aggression (well expect once with the FedEx man) and always was even tempered.  He wanted to be with us at all times and when I was home, never left my side.  As he got older, arthritis set in making it harder for him to get around.  We had to stop him from going up and down the stairs in the house because that was becoming too painful for him and even the two stairs of the deck were becoming a challenge.  Last night, when I came home, he seemed to have great difficulty walking but managed to go outside to do his business.  After a while, I looked out and found him sitting on a snow bank looking as if he had no idea where he was, his eye was twitching and when he tried to stand, he couldn’t.  I managed to get him in the house, but he kept looking around as if he was lost or confused.  He lay on the kitchen floor and I just stood there not knowing what to do.  My daughter was coming home for reading week and was so looking forward to seeing her Poopy Doop again but I am thankful that she has the opportunity to say good bye.  It breaks my heart to sit here with him today and see him suffer silently.  Regardless, I still think – Are you making the right choice? Will he get better? but then I see him try to get up and walk to the door and he can’t and I know that our decision is justified.

So tonight at 7:30, we will bring our beloved pet to the Vet and say good bye.  We at least gave him seven years of a warm bed, lots of love, attention, good food and many, at times too many, doggie treats.

You never realize how much a dog fills your heart until they are gone. There are so many things I will miss about him.  He was there every night when I got home, wagging his tail.  I knew he was not only excited to see me but it alway meant that when the Mamma came home there was food put in his bowl, or how he used to sit at our feet when we looked at TV and put his paw on our foot as if to say – I’m here pay attention to me, the snores when he slept, the way he would rub his nose with his paws when you would tickle him, how he would always come into the kitchen when I was cutting things up for supper hoping that he might get a piece of carrot or potato.  He usually did.  The times we would have pizza he would always go and sit by Brian’s chair in the hope that he would get an occasional pizza crust.  He usually did.  How he would come and wait as we poured his bag of dog food into the container because he always knew there would be a few pieces that would “accidently” fall on the floor. There always was.

I’m not sure where doggies go after they die, but I sure do hope that where ever he goes he will be able to run without pain, chase balls, have an endless supply of treats and that he can find his brother Chase and play tug of war once again.

Hunter you will be forever in our hearts and like the Xmas tree needles, I’m sure I will still find your dog hair around the house for years to come.


Sometimes It’s Not The Batteries Fault

remotesI like to think that my husband and I  are fairly intelligent people but every once in a while, we do something that just makes us go DOH….  My husband had spinal surgery on Thursday and is now home recuperating.  His days consist of getting out of bed, walking downstairs and laying on the couch, getting up once in a while just to keep up his strength. He is getting a bit bored because now that he is pain free, he wants to move mountains and I won’t let him.  Yesterday, he was watching some movies on Netflix.  After supper, we bought a movie through our cable provider to watch.  Half way through the movie he gets a message from his daughter with a little video of our grandson playing on his slide.  Wanting to watch and share with me, he picks up one of our remotes and tries to pause the movie.  It won’t pause.  He tries several times – nothing.  “Let me see,” I say and I also try pushing the pause button several times.   “Maybe it is the batteries,” we think so I get up and go and grab two new batteries from the kitchen and put them in.  Still nothing. “I don’t understand why is doesn’t work, it was fine this afternoon.”  We decide to continue watching our movie because we can’t seem to pause it.  I get up and get the big zip lock bag of AAA batteries we keep and proceed to sit while I am watching the movie, changing the batteries to see if maybe our batteries are all bad.  Still nothing, we conclude that it may be the remote and maybe we need to buy a new DVD player and that we need to buy a new supply of batteries because ours have all gone bad.  The movie ends, I get up to manually turn the movie off, bend down to press the stop button and look over at my Husband – “You and I are friggen Idiots!” I say as I go over the the table and pick up the proper remote.  We were trying to pause the movie with our Netflix remote not our cable remote.  Sometimes it’s not the batteries fault, it is just plain stupidity and sometimes it feels good to laugh at yourself.

Busy Weekend And Other Such Stuff…..

blog    Hello you wonderful people out there. It has been a crazy week and I have not bothered to update my blog. I shouldn”t say not bothered because that is not correct.  I have worried about not being able to update it.  I have just been too frikken busy.  It has been very hectic at my day job and I try to do as much writing as I can in the evenings.  I was working on (actually just finished today) another Amish Fiction Romance story, but this time I hit a brick wall in terms of where I wanted the story to go.  It felt like all my creativity disappeared and I couldn’t for the life of me, think of anything.  I would sit down at the laptop and pouffff, my mind would go blank.  Isn’t it  strange how that happens. This weekend, I sat down Saturday morning and it was as if the ideas started to flow like lava  – I managed to finish a 13,000 and some book in two days.   Isn’t it funny how that works?

For some of you thinking, Does this woman not have a life? I will explain.  My wonderful husband is on the waiting list for back surgery so his evenings and weekends are spent lying on the couch because the pain becomes too much to bear when he is standing or sitting.  He manages to go to work everyday but by the time he get home he heads straight to the couch for the remainder of the evening.  My heart breaks for him because he is an active guy and having to stay put on the couch is just tearing him up. But, one has to do what one has to do. I know once he has surgery, our lives will return to normal, so until then I have lots of time to write.

walking dead

Tonight is the season finale of The Walking Dead.  Must say, I am excited and nervous beyond anything I have ever experienced.  Who is going to die tonight?   I know I will be on pins and needles through out the show.

I was going to update my Weight Loss Page even though my week has not been as successful as I wanted it to be.  I have been eating healthy but  there was my husbands birthday on Wednesday and of course there was cake.  And with the cake there was ice cream.  And of course I had to have some so that threw my eating plan way off kilter.  I will make a point of sitting down tomorrow night and updating my page and hope for a better week.  tI will actually be grocery week so I can buy good healthy things for me to eat.

This brings me to another beef.  Adult children living at home.  And I can post this rant because my kids do not read anything I write.  Both my children are still living at home and going to school and the rules are that with them working strange hours I would be responsible for one meal and one meal only – Supper.  If they wanted things like Ice Cream or chips or snacks or lunch items – they could buy them themselves.  Is that reasonable?  After all, I am not a restaurant that caters to everyone’s taste.  My daughter is great – she will go to the grocery store  and pick herself up items that she wants and never complains.  My 22 year old son on the other hand will eat anything that he can get his hands on and that is free.  At 57  I have to hide my food. Trying to buy myself healthy choices is difficult and I feel like such a meany when I do buy something and I have to say to him – Don’t Touch It’s Mine.  As a Mom, we are used to providing for our children, making sure they have enough food so it is very hard to say NO you can’t have that.  My son will go to the grocery store to pick up a few things and he will come back with a bag of chips and a bottle of pepsi.  I wonder what his cupboards will be like when he finally moves out – two boxes of KDinner and a bag of chips. Hopefully if I get invited over to a meal, I won’t have to bring my own.

hiding food



And So It Is Friday

wine   Yea, Friday.  The one day of the week everyone looks forward to.  I am sure it has something to do with the fact that most of us will be off for two days, but it is oh so much more than that.  I thought I would share with you some of the strange things that go through my mind when I wake up on Friday.

  1.  I can hit the snooze button one extra time because traffic is not bad on Friday morning.
  2. I can wear my jeans and get away with it, so I don’t have to think about what I am going to wear.
  3. I usually buy my lunch on Friday so the excitement of thinking about what I will eat is right up there.
  4. Both my kids work late on Friday night so there is just my husband and I at home – I don’t have to plan anything.
  5. I get to spend the weekend with my husband, which is always a plus.
  6. Tomorrow there is no alarm waking me up and even it I still wake up at 5:45 – it doesn’t matter cause it is Saturday.
  7. That feeling of complete relaxation when you get home on Friday, knowing you don’t have to work the next day.
  8. New episode of GRIMM is on tonight.
  9. Saturday morning breakfasts – yummy
  10. Friday Night Wine – always a given.

What are some of the things you look forward to on a Friday?  Would love to hear about them.



Finger Licking .. WHAT?????

I remember as a child when the first Kentucky Fried Chicken opened up in my home town, the commercials on the TV portrayed the Colonel as a stately Southern Gentleman. He was someone who was respected among the Fried Chicken Community. He came across as a quiet man, content with finding that perfect recipe that would bring people flocking into his stores.

col saundersThe commercials were always informative and would keep you abreast of all the latest offers.  Every Sunday the store would be packed with Fathers waiting to pick up a bucket for dinner.  Even on cold winter days, when people would be cooped up, they would venture out to get that hot steamy bucket of chicken.  For those who weren’t sure what to order, they would stand in line and when they got to the cash they would wing it.   It didn’t matter what their choice was, it would be good and it would be finger licking Good.

Now, fast forward to today.  They have recreated the role of Colonel Saunders and I have to say, they are making him out to be an IDIOT.  I am sorry, but dancing around the office or having stupid nightmares about aliens and the end of Hot Chicken Sandwiches as we know them.  Come On.

The old Colonel  made me think of sweet magnolias and mint juleps and willow trees and southern belles wearing  hooped skirts carrying little frilly umbrellas.  Having a bucket of chicken was like having the Colonel come to your place.

Over the years I found that wonderfully chicken recipe has changed and most of the Chicken outlets in the area are slowly closing. Now with the reintroduction of the comical Colonel, rather than bringing me back to that wonderful finger licking goodness, it is pushing me away even further.

I would have to think that  the real Colonel is probably rolling over in his grave, hiding his face in shame  and apologizing to chickens all over the world.


Growing old without Grace

When you are in your twenties, the thought of growing old is something you really don’t think that much about.  I remember in my twenties anyone who was late thirties or early forties was, in my mind, ancient.  People used to say – just wait until you are that age to which I would reply – ya right…that’s along way away.  Fast forward to today and here I am in my 50’s.  I know now what everyone was talking about.  I remember going to visit my mother  and finding her in tears because she couldn’t do her spring cleaning the way she used to and how it took her two days to do things she used to normally do in one day.  I would just smile but think to myself -Wow -crying over that.  Well, here I am today crying over the exact same thing.  I decided to compile a list of all the things I have noticed about myself since turning 50 that has changed over the years.elderly

1 – Little thinks like putting on a pair of socks and even pants, can turn into a comedy of errors trying to get your foot up high enough.

2. – I get down on the floor – let me rephrase that – It takes time for me to get down on the floor and when I have to get back up – it takes me a few tries not to mention needing something to support myself on.

3 – Kneeling hurts – I try to get down to hand wash the floor and I can’t kneel.  The thought of kneeling pads is looking pretty sexy to me.

4 – Fear of slipping on ice.  When I was younger, it was fun to walk on ice – slipping and sliding never bothered me.  Now, the thought of an ice storm, brings instant panic. I tense up walking on ice because I am so afraid of falling.

5 – Going up and down a ladder bothers me.  I used to never give it another thought.  Now if I am painting for example and have to go up and down the ladder, the next day hurts and I mean really hurts.

6 – Arthritis sucks.  I can tell when it is going to rain and it hurts.

7 – Trying to lose weight is a chore.  Your metabolism slows down but your appetite doesn’t – at least not yet.

8 – Spring or Fall cleaning is not a priority anymore.  If I don’t get to it – no biggy.

9 – Have caught myself using the phrase – When I was young – too many times.

10 – I have hair growing out of areas I never thought hair could grow.  My Tweezer has become my best friend.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am enjoying this time in my life and I still don’t act my age, it is just somethings you really notice about yourself.

Growing old is something we can’t stop so we might as well just pull up our depends and make the most of it.  Life should be fun at any age.