Finger Licking .. WHAT?????

I remember as a child when the first Kentucky Fried Chicken opened up in my home town, the commercials on the TV portrayed the Colonel as a stately Southern Gentleman. He was someone who was respected among the Fried Chicken Community. He came across as a quiet man, content with finding that perfect recipe that would bring people flocking into his stores.

col saundersThe commercials were always informative and would keep you abreast of all the latest offers.  Every Sunday the store would be packed with Fathers waiting to pick up a bucket for dinner.  Even on cold winter days, when people would be cooped up, they would venture out to get that hot steamy bucket of chicken.  For those who weren’t sure what to order, they would stand in line and when they got to the cash they would wing it.   It didn’t matter what their choice was, it would be good and it would be finger licking Good.

Now, fast forward to today.  They have recreated the role of Colonel Saunders and I have to say, they are making him out to be an IDIOT.  I am sorry, but dancing around the office or having stupid nightmares about aliens and the end of Hot Chicken Sandwiches as we know them.  Come On.

The old Colonel  made me think of sweet magnolias and mint juleps and willow trees and southern belles wearing  hooped skirts carrying little frilly umbrellas.  Having a bucket of chicken was like having the Colonel come to your place.

Over the years I found that wonderfully chicken recipe has changed and most of the Chicken outlets in the area are slowly closing. Now with the reintroduction of the comical Colonel, rather than bringing me back to that wonderful finger licking goodness, it is pushing me away even further.

I would have to think that  the real Colonel is probably rolling over in his grave, hiding his face in shame  and apologizing to chickens all over the world.


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Growing old without Grace

When you are in your twenties, the thought of growing old is something you really don’t think that much about.  I remember in my twenties anyone who was late thirties or early forties was, in my mind, ancient.  People used to say – just wait until you are that age to which I would reply – ya right…that’s along way away.  Fast forward to today and here I am in my 50’s.  I know now what everyone was talking about.  I remember going to visit my mother  and finding her in tears because she couldn’t do her spring cleaning the way she used to and how it took her two days to do things she used to normally do in one day.  I would just smile but think to myself -Wow -crying over that.  Well, here I am today crying over the exact same thing.  I decided to compile a list of all the things I have noticed about myself since turning 50 that has changed over the years.elderly

1 – Little thinks like putting on a pair of socks and even pants, can turn into a comedy of errors trying to get your foot up high enough.

2. – I get down on the floor – let me rephrase that – It takes time for me to get down on the floor and when I have to get back up – it takes me a few tries not to mention needing something to support myself on.

3 – Kneeling hurts – I try to get down to hand wash the floor and I can’t kneel.  The thought of kneeling pads is looking pretty sexy to me.

4 – Fear of slipping on ice.  When I was younger, it was fun to walk on ice – slipping and sliding never bothered me.  Now, the thought of an ice storm, brings instant panic. I tense up walking on ice because I am so afraid of falling.

5 – Going up and down a ladder bothers me.  I used to never give it another thought.  Now if I am painting for example and have to go up and down the ladder, the next day hurts and I mean really hurts.

6 – Arthritis sucks.  I can tell when it is going to rain and it hurts.

7 – Trying to lose weight is a chore.  Your metabolism slows down but your appetite doesn’t – at least not yet.

8 – Spring or Fall cleaning is not a priority anymore.  If I don’t get to it – no biggy.

9 – Have caught myself using the phrase – When I was young – too many times.

10 – I have hair growing out of areas I never thought hair could grow.  My Tweezer has become my best friend.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am enjoying this time in my life and I still don’t act my age, it is just somethings you really notice about yourself.

Growing old is something we can’t stop so we might as well just pull up our depends and make the most of it.  Life should be fun at any age.

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Heart for Fiona

I love animals, especially dogs. Over the years I have owned a few dogs including a Border Collie named Chase who we bought when he was 10 weeks old. I never really thought too much about rescue dogs until one day, surfing the net, I came across this video.

I don’t know why it touched me so much, but I remember watching it over and over and crying my eyes out. How can people do this to poor defenseless animals. Her little face looking up from a pile of rubbish broke my heart. It was only natural when we decided to get another dog, I turned to Rescue Organizations. We were able to give a loving home to a poor unfortunate dog but I wanted to do more and you can too.
Please check out my line to Rescue Dogs Need Love.  With every purchase a portion of sales will go towards rescue sites in North America. Rescue dogs don’t ask for much – just love and a warm place to sleep.

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Eating Her Curds and Weigh

For the last several years, I have been in a constant battle with my weight.  It seems that as soon as I hit my 50’s, losing weight became harder and harder.  My main problem is I LOVE FOOD.  I have this fear of being hungry so the thought of just eating a salad is scary.   I know that if I just discipline myself, I can do it, but I just have this fear or dread of having to cut down.  It is very hard to explain.  I can go through days where I will eat properly, watch my carbs, calories etc., then something inside of me clicks and I can’t get the food in me fast enough.  Binge eating?  Maybe.  My knowledge of binge eating comes from programs on TV where women will devour a whole chicken in one sitting and I certainly have not done that – at least not yet.

It is a viscous cycle.  I convince myself I am going to lose weight, I go and buy good healthy foods, lots of fruits and vegetables, make a solemn vow to myself that by summer I will be fitting in size large instead of XXXXXL and I eat right, pack my lunch for work, and that usually about a week before I will stay – Screw It – lets have some fries – then the guilt sets in and I beat myself up for being so stupid.  I do this over and over again.  WHY????

We have done weight loss challenges at work and I even won once by losing the most weight in a 10 week period but after it is over – guess what – it all comes back.  I just can’t seem to get over that hump.  So I guess the reason for my post other than to bitch and complain about myself – is to make it public for all to read – I – Karen Leah Scott – do solemnly swear that I will make a conscious effort to loose weight, not eat a whole chicken and fit into a size L by summer time.

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Comicon or Bust

I didn’t discover how much of a fan I was of Comiccon until I was in my 50’s.  In fact, I had no idea that these conventions existed and if you had told me that there were places where people dressed up in their favorite comic book character for a whole weekend I would have looked at you and said – WTF.   I had heard of comic book or trading card conventions and they didn’t interest me.  My ex husband was not much into doing anything out of the ordinary let alone have fun which included dressing up for Halloween, so I never paid much attention to these kind of things.  Having remarried, I had no idea my husband was such an enthusiast of Halloween and dressing up.  Our first Halloween together I was asked – What are you wearing to answer the door?  Looking at him I simply said – just my regular clothes.  Nooooo, he said, it’s halloween, you have to dress up.  Little did I know my world was going to change after that night.  My daughter introduced me to the world of  dress up conventions. She was very much into Japanese Anime at the time and had asked for a ride to a Hotel in Ottawa that was hosting an Anime Convention.  I thought it was kind of fun to help her dress as her character and was intrigued when I found sites on the internet that described these get togethers.  Driving her to the venue, I saw people of all ages walking down the street dressed as dragons, elves, Super Mario, monsters.  I was amazed and even commented -That looked like fun.

Sarah Anime 1

The next year we found out that Comiccon was coming to Ottawa.  My kids wanted to go so we decided we would all go together. Make it a family affair.  I was intrigued with the whole idea but thought the idea of walking around looking at a bunch of booths of comic books and T-shirts would get kind of boring after a while, but I was a sport so I went along.

Although we didn’t dress I was hooked.  I spent the better part of the day walking around in amazement of the costumes.  The creativity of some people was absolutely incredible and the number of families, dressed together in their favorite Star Wars character or Video game – unbelievable. We left that Saturday with a vow that we would return the following year and we would dress.

Being a big Arrow fan, there was no doubt who my husband was going as and he is a true believer of Go Big or Go Home.  If he was going to be Arrow he was going to do it right so he turned to Ebay and found the ideal suit and ordered it.  I, on the other hand didn’t want to spend that amount of money so turned to the internet and found being a zombie would be cool.  I had never heard of the Walking Dead at this time I just liked Zombies. My son went as one of the Dr. Who’s and my daughter dressed as Lavi, from her Anime shows.

zombie and lavi- 2014 Arrow - Comicon 1 Dr, Who Comicon - 2014 comicon 2014

We had a great day which included a picnic lunch in the parking lot.   I got such a thrill being asked to have my picture taken. It was like for one day I could forget who I was and be a bit of a celebrity.

The next year we geared up for another weekend. I improved by Zombie look by investing in a pair of zombie contacts which really added to the effect.

Comicon pro 1 Comicon pro

By this time we had discovered the Walking Dead and were right into the whole Rick and Zombie thing. My husband invested in a Rick Grimes Sheriff costume.  With the TV show being very popular, we were constantly being asked to stop and have our picture taken and even participated in a photo shoot.   It was great and although I was exhausted by the time our weekend had ended I was also sad that my celebrity status was coming to an end.

People ask me why I like to go to Comiccon and although I can’t really put my finger on it all I can say to them is –  it is fun.  It is fun because it allows me to do something completely out of my comfort zone, I spend the day with my husband having a great time together, I  get to see the wonderful creativity that people have not to mention I get to see some celebrities along the way  and it is just something different to do on a weekend.  I think the big thing that I enjoy the most is the look of awe, amazement and wonder in the eyes of the kids that come up to you and want to have your picture taken with them.

So yeah – I am 57 this year and I am excited go to Comiccon again this year.  So when someone tells me to act my age, I say to them – I am.


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Footprints Never Forgotten

In my 50 some years I have seen many things, gone through many  things and had to deal with all kinds of things in  this thing they call life.  Sometimes it can be absolutely wonderful and other times it can just plain suck to the point where you have to ask yourself –  why me.

One of those sucky things is the loss of a baby.  I remember the excitement of finding out I was pregnant.  We had been trying for a while so when it finally happened I couldn’t believe it. Here I was at 33 finally pregnant.  I spent endless nights with my hands on my stomach looking down  in amazement that I had a baby in there.  I couldn’t believe it.  Me – pregnant.

The pregnancy was good.  I did everything I was supposed to. I was a smoker back then and I cut back quite a bit to eventually in my sixth month quitting completely.  I ate healthy, and felt pretty good.  The doctor didn’t see anything that raised any concern.  The baby was growing normally, a bit small, but nothing to worry about.  We got a crib and all the other baby things needed,  generously donated by friends who had already had their families.  I waited anxiously for my doctor appointments to listen to the little heartbeat.  At that time, ultrasounds were not as frequent as they are today so my doctor never scheduled one for me because everything was just fine and as my Doctor I trusted him.

At my 34th week, I had gone for a check up and the heartbeat was good, and everything was just fine.  I wondered why I wasn’t as huge as some of my friends at this stage of my pregnancy but figured that the baby was just small and I wasn’t a big person either.  A week later, sitting at work, I started to get some crappy feelings.  When I got home I ran to my trusted book and read where it is normal to feel this at this stage.  As the evening progressed, they got worse and finally at 2:00 in the morning I knew something was wrong and we had to get to the hospital.   When I think back there were alot of warning signs in the last few months of my pregnancy  that I didn’t pay attention to, but being my first pregnancy I listened to my Doctor.

They whisked me into a delivery room, checked me over and then told me the news – they couldn’t detect a heartbeat and would have to just let the labour progress.  I think at that point I went into shock because I don’t remember much after that.  I remember  crying and I remember the countless Doctors and Nurses coming and going each one coming up to me to offer their condolences.  The baby, a boy, was born quickly.  I was told he only weighed 2 lbs.  I never saw him.  I was asked if I wanted to see him, that he had probably been dead inside of  me for about 4 days  – I said no.  The only thing I asked was if he had hair.  Yes they said, he had a full head of dark hair.  I had an image in my head of what he looked like and I wanted to keep it.

They did an autopsy and couldn’t find anything wrong with him. He was a perfectly formed little boy with no birth defects, just very small. The next week was a blur.  We signed the body over to the hospital, why –  just seemed the best thing to do at the time and I remember the feeling of complete emptiness leaving the hospital with no little bundle. I felt alone and I felt like a complete failure.  I blamed myself – I smoked; I used pesticides in the garden when I was pregnant; I had a cup of coffee while pregnant.  I was convinced it was my fault.  I had no one to really talk to including my husband at the time.  I don’t know how I did it but I somehow got through it.  I went on to have two healthy beautiful babies who are now 23 and 21.

The marriage is long over and I have moved on but I think about my little guy every once in a while.  As a tribute I planted a lilac bush in the back yard after I got home from the hospital and every year he gives me beautiful smelling lilacs.  My biggest regret was that I never held him.  Although I still have that image in my head of my little dark haired cherub, I really wish, as hard as it would have been, that  I had  at least held him for just a short time and told him I loved him.

When you lose a baby like that, people don’t know how to react.  Friends would not say anything which I found harder to cope with than if they offered their condolences.  They tried not to talk about it for fear of upsetting me when  what I wanted or needed was to talk, I wanted to relive the birth through words because then it would make it feel real.  People acted as if the pregnancy never existed – I was expected to just move along, go back to work, act like nothing had happened.  Shoulders were shrugged as if to say – Oh well, you can have another baby.  I mourned on my own and kept feelings to myself and spent many night crying to myself in the dark.

It has been almost 25 years since that terrible day and my little dark haired cherub is still on my mind and forever in my heart.  The death of a baby is  a devastating time to any mother.  I doesn’t matter if it happens at 2 months, 6 months, or 34 months.  It was still a part of you and a memory that will remain in your heart until your dying day. No one fully understands this expect a mother who has lived it.

baby feet

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Things that make you go – Hummmmmmm

We have been hit with a record snowfall today and the city is a mess.  Pictures on the news of throngs of people standing in blizzard conditions waiting for buses that never come, people helping people pushing cars out of snowbanks and mayhem everywhere.  While standing waiting for the bus this afternoon, as my feet slowly because to loose all feeling,  I couldn’t help but think of all the places I would much rather be.

Hot crackling fires with a cup of steaming fireball hot chocolate and the latest novel.

Tropical paradises that include an all you can drink bar and no place to go.

A hot soothing bath and a glass of wine.

and last but not least

Where I now the warmth is in abundance and the love is endless.

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The True Meaning of Valentines Day

I remember when I was a young girl and Valentines Day was right up there with Christmas.  When you are dating, it is a very important time.  It is a time to show how much your partner means to you and how special they are. It was a thrill to get a box of heart shaped chocolates or a bouquet of roses and a dinner out where you gazed lovingly into each others eyes.  Ahhhh, romance and to be young again.

Now that I am older, I have realized that I don’t need a special day to tell my spouse how much I love him or how special he is in my life and he feels the same.  We tell each other everyday that we love each other and do little things over the year to show how much we care.  I don’t need overpriced flowers or a box of crappy chocolates to make me feel special.  Being in a relationship or a marriage is hard work and it really does take two to make it work.  Having gone through a bad marriage, I know from experience how much work is involved and how things can fall apart when it is one sided.  Now that I have remarried to my knight in shining armor, we are constantly working on keeping the flame alive.  I thought I would share with you some of the little things that can be done that makes everyday Valentines day.

1.   Constantly say you love each other before hang up when you  call each other during the day – no matter how often.

2.   Getting messages at work, just to say hi or they were thinking about you.

3.    Having your spouse bring you a cup of tea in the evening just because they thought you might like one.

4.    Getting home from work after a hard day and having your spouse tell you you aren’t cooking and they are ordering pizza.

5.    Pulling the footrest closer to you when they see you too short to reach it.

6.    Bringing home a surprise poinsettia at Christmas or Easter Lily at Easter just because they saw it and thought of you.

7.     Taking care of each other when you are sick.

8.     Surprise little gifts, T-shirts, funny aprons etc., just because.

9.     Making the bed in the morning without being asked.

10.   Throwing in a load of laundry because they noticed the basket was full and you were tired.

I could go on and on, but am sure you get the picture.  Life is all about learning and we have all learned valuable lessons from all of our past relationships.  I know what is important in my marriage and what is not.  I don’t need a special day to tell my husband how much I love him – he knows it and he feels it every day of the year, and I certainly don’t need an over priced bouquet of flowers or a dinner in an over crowded restaurant to feel special.

But for all of you who do – I wish you a very HAPPY VALENTINES DAY.

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The Don’ts to saying I Do

When I first met my husband, I was intrigued with the fact he was a professional photographer specifically wedding photography.  I loved looking at his many wedding albums and was mesmerized by the moments he was able to capture and loved looking at the pictures of the beautiful, fairy tale princess like brides that smiled back at me in his pictures.  He asked me one day if I would like to accompany him to one of his weddings as his assistant, to which I gladly accepted.  I mean, who wouldn’t want to be part of someones special day.  After about my 20th wedding, I had a whole new outlook on “that special day”.  The memories of my first wedding has long since vanished and over the years traditions had changed and it was no longer the responsibility of the parents to organize the wedding.

After many discussions with my husband as we drove home after a wedding, going over and over all the frustrations of the day,  we decided we needed to write a book listing all the things that are done that aren’t really necessary for your special day. Out of all of this .. The Don’t To Saying I Do… was born.

I sat down and furiously started to write about all the things that brides plan for their day that just add complications, frustrations, delays and at times arguments leading to tears and even worse – BRIDZILLAS.  I was going to get this book “out there” because I thought it would help someone in organizing their day.  I had it completed, edited it, passed it on to a few of our customers to get their feedback.  All was going along wonderfully until the unexpected happened..  Computer crash.   and with it  every word I had so carefully typed.  Needless to say – I was devastated.

Push forward to a few months ago, where I was cleaning out a basket I keep on the top of our fridge that holds all the little things one doesn’t know what to do with and I found a memory key.  Plugging it into my laptop out of curiosity, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw what was on it…. MY BOOK – “insert happy dance”

All this to say… stay tuned.  I am bound and determined to get this book out there. I know it will help someone along the way.

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Ready to Rant

So the last couple of weeks has been, I won’t say extremely busy, but I just haven’t had a lot of time to sit down and write in my blog. Between work and home, life has a habit of getting in the way. We have a few Christmas parties to go to this year so that will take up some of our weekends and then with the normal stuff like laundry, housecleaning, groceries etc., weekends just fly by. Before you know it, it is Monday and the week starts all over again. What I wouldn’t give to win the 649 or Lotto Max so I could live in a lifestyle I know I should have been born into. I want to be that lady in the Lotto 649 commercial waking up on the huge yacht reliving in her mind the day she found out her ticket won (Not that I am jealous or anything, but I hope her boat sinks.) So here I am on a Sunday morning, a beautiful Sunday morning I might add, drinking coffee and taking the time to sit and type. I thought I would get some things of my chest to make me feel better so I have compiled a list and here it goes.
1. Busy Shopping Centers with people walking around talking on their cell phones. I want to yell to them – PAY ATTENTION TO WHERE YOU ARE WALKING.
2. People walking around – again with their cell phones, texting. GET OFF THE FRIKKING PHONE AND PAY ATTENTION TO WHERE YOU ARE WALKING.
3. In a busy store, people who are walking in front of you and stop suddenly because they are either texting or reading a text – again – PUT THE FRIGGING PHONE AWAY AND PAY ATTENTION.
4. When you are walking behind people going into a store and as soon as they walk through the entrance they stop to search in their purse for their shopping list or even yet – THEIR F…CKING CELL PHONE.
5. When you are grocery shopping and there is no one else in the aisle and you are looking for a particular product in a particular section and suddenly someone else comes down that aisle and stands right in front of you to look for something too – FRICK OFF, I WAS HERE FIRST.
6. When you are driving and you slow down to let someone in who wants to get in your lane and they don’t give you the thank you wave… People have lost the fine art of the thank you wave. It doesn’t take much, but it means so much.
7. You hold the door open for someone and they walk through and don’t even say thank you to you and then the 500 people behind them walk through while you still stand there with the door open …EXCUUUU– USE, DO YOU SEE THE SIGN – HELLO WELCOME TO WALMART ANYWERE ON MY PERSON – I DON’T F…CKING WORK HERE.
8. When you are walking and someone is crossing your path, they don’t even slow down, they just keep walking which makes you have to stop and let them go by….. HUUUUMMMMM EXC– USE ME.
9. Women who are slightly overweight and even the skinny ones too who wear these leggings as pants but don’t have any underwear under them – PARDON ME BUT I DON’T ENJOY WALKING BEHIND YOU WATCHING YOU BUM FAT JIGGLE – PUT ON SOME FRIKKEN UNDERWEAR OR BETTER YET – BUY SOME PANTS.
10. People who stare at you for no reason. Like when you are sitting on a bus or in a restaurant and there is that one person who is always looking your way. LIKE F…CK OFF.. TAKE A PICTURE IT LASTS LONGER.
11. People who let their kids use the little grocery baskets in a busy grocery store then don’t watch them and they are all over the place….IF I EVER FIND THE GUY WHO INVENTED THOSE THINGS I AM GOING TO WRING HIS BLOODY NECK.
12. Family reunions in stores. Yes we have all experienced the family reunion. You know the ones. The group of people who have not seen each other in a long time who stand right in the middle of the aisle, kissing and hugging and chatting and laughing and catching up about Mon Uncle Gregoire or Aunt Mabel. Then when you try to get by with your basket – they give you the dirty look. F…CK YOU, F…CK YOU AND F…UCK YOU. I am tempted the next time I see that to join in and just stand there and laugh with them and tell them I am the long lost third cousin twice removed of Gregoire – who knows maybe I will get invited to lunch or the next family reunion..
Okay – I think I am done at least for now. Have a happy Sunday everyone. I feel better now.writing pic

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