Dreams do come true …..

2901 - Straight Ahead
Dreams do come true

This is a story about music. Not only is it about music, it is about the love of music.  It is about the creation of something so powerful that people will flock to buy, download and at times steal just to listen to it.  It is also about dreams.  Dreams, that a man had one day to let the world know about his music.  It is about perseverance, dedication, stubbornness, satisfaction and pure unadulterated joy.

This story is about my husband, a man who loves music and a man who fulfilled two dreams he had despite the odds against him and all those who said he could never do it.

Not only does he love to play the guitar, he also loves to write lyrics and over the years, he has written several songs, which are filed away in a big white lyric binder in his office. Of all those pages of lyrics, four of them had special meaning to him and he felt they needed to be set to music and heard.  He believed in them and he believed that the lyrics were powerful enough to have an impact in the music world.  Different bands that he had formed over the years performed the songs at some of the smaller gigs they played and they were always met with great applause from the various audiences.

Fulfilling his first dream to play live was crossed off his list several years ago, when he had the opportunity to play at a Woodstock type concert in a small town called Ettyville, Ontario. Even though it took him a few Mikes Hard Lemonades to get up on stage, once there, he didn’t want the evening to end.

His next dream was to record a CD with four of his original songs. Whether the CD was ever played anywhere, didn’t matter. He just wanted something that he could look back on and say – I Did This.

Bands come and go and life has a habit of getting in the way, so the dream of recording had to be put on hold for a while. The idea of recording was brought up to one of the bands he had played in but all the band members felt they weren’t good enough to record not to mention the cost that was involved.  Being a very stubborn man (yes, stubborn) he decided he would take a different route.  He hired a music producer who brought in session musicians and a singer.  Hiring Steve Foley of Audio Valley Recording in Ottawa, was one of the best decisions he made.  Brian brought him the clay and Steve molded them into masterpieces.

The CD – 2901 – Straight Ahead contains four songs, full of meaning and emotion.

Tip of My Soul is a tribute to musicians like Buddy Holly, Ronnie Van Zant and all other artists who left us either by accident or by self destruction and even Brian’s  Mother who died of cancer way to young. He believes that any talent he has was bestowed on him by his Mother who made sure that her son not only played a musical instrument but played it well.

Jagged Glass, also named after a band he played in for a while was written as a result of being in a very difficult and painful relationship, and his message to anyone entering into one is to tread slowly, stand your ground, be yourself, and don’t tolerate bullshit that gets thrown your way.

Loud as Hell is a result of dealing with a table full of bullies at a wedding he was photographing, who constantly badgered him about the fact he wasn’t smiling and also from the constant reminders from his band mates that his amp was too loud, which Brian would always replay – It can never be TOO LOUD.

Straight Ahead was inspired by the 3 long term relationships in his life, the transitions between these relationships, the mistakes he freely admits he made along the way, and finally finding that one person who completed him and how now after all these years, he can finally move Straight Ahead.

I am so very proud of my husband. Most people have dreams they never fulfill and as they grow older they look back on their lives and have many regrets. My husband had a dream and he made it happen.  He had to sacrifice a lot to get there, but he did it.  There were some brick walls along the way that had to be pushed down, but that never stopped him.  He never gave up.  Every time I listen to these four songs, I feel nothing but pride.

Please consider  downloading the EP  and the sale of the CD will be coming soon on Amazon – and if you love the music, please spread the word. I believe in these songs and I believe the world needs to hear them. The only thing I ask, is when you listen to them – play them Loud as Hell.

Please Click to 2901 WebPage  to download

Life Keeps Getting In My Way, Damnit

mom writeSo another week that has been crazy busy and there just doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day.  I was desperately trying to come up with a Blog Post that would be both interesting and titillating but damn if I could come up with anything.   So I was sitting pondering in the five or so minutes I have in the morning to think about these kinds of things when it hit me – I will post a sample of a book I have been working on.  It is kind of like my test book to find out just how hard self publishing is.  I don’t expect it to go anywhere, just want to try it and I certainly don’t want to attempt self publishing with my Wedding Book I have been working so hard on.  So, without further ado,  I bring you a teaser from my book I call Lies of Lace – (at least that is what I am calling it now, it very well may change.)   It is going to be about a women who is very promiscuous until she finally meets that one man who won’t bend for her.  Desperately wanting to add him to her list of conquests, she discovers that she has broken her first rule and this is – Don’t fall in love.  Will she forget her wicked ways and settle for just one man, or will she continue on her path of self destruction.


Rebecca stood in the lobby waiting for the elevator to arrive. Come on damn it, she muttered to herself as she pressed the up button for the 5th time.  Finally, the doors opened and she went inside and angrily pressed the 9th floor button. Arriving at her floor, she dodged her way to her office, hoping no one noticed she was late.  Turning on her computer, she quickly scanned her emails to check if there was anything important.  Yawning she sat back in her chair and took  a few moments to catch her breath.  Thinking back on her evening, she smiled to herself. I really need to stop doing that, she thought to herself, but he was kinda cute. Rebecca and her friend had gone out last night for drinks after work.  After a few too many, they struck up a conversation with a fellow who was in town on business.  He was your typical tall, dark and handsome and he immediately took a shine to Rebecca.  Sensing that three was a crowd, Rebecca’s friend said her goodbyes and headed home.  Rebecca stayed, enjoying the sexual banter that was going back and forth between them.  Before she knew it, they were back at his hotel and the rest of the night was spent in a marathon of hot steamy sex.  Smiling, she thought to herself, I wish I could remember if he was any good. Rubbing her temples, she really hoped the throbbing in her head would go away.

“Hey Becca, you coming to the staff meeting,” Paul, one of her coworkers said popping his head in her doorway.

“Oh Shit, ya. I completely forgot about it,” she said slipping her shoes back on and grapping a pen and pad.

Entering the boardroom, Rebecca took one of the last seats available. The smell of cheap aftershave in the room always reminded her of her grandfather and jelly beans.  She felt her stomach do a summersault and poured herself a glass of water, hoping that would settle it.  She hated these meetings.  All everyone did was sit around and listen to the Director go on and on about useless crap that really didn’t matter.  When it came time for the roundtable, everyone was so bored; no one had anything to say. Looking around the table, she discovered she was sitting across from one of the most eligible bachelors in the office.  Corey had been with the company for less than a year and still had not come out on one of their bar hopping excursions that had become so popular.  Staring at him, Rebecca was hoping to at least make eye contact with him, maybe get a smile out of him.

“Good morning staff. Glad to see you could all make it,” Mr. Peterson said as he walked in and took his spot at the end of the table. At that point Rebecca tuned out. Hmm I wonder what he kisses like, Rebecca thought as she continued to glance at Corey across the table.  I bet he has muscles under that dress shirt.  I would love to undo each button with my mouth and then ….”

 “Rebecca, did you hear what I said,”

“Hum, no sorry,” Rebecca stammered realizing that everyone at the table was staring at her. “Sorry, Mr. Peterson, I was thinking about the report I am working on.”

“Well that’s what I was asking you. How is it coming?”

“Good, I should be finished today. I just have to make some edits and it will be good to go,” Rebecca said rather embarrassed at being the center of attention.

Once the meeting was adjourned, Rebecca grabbed her pad and headed back to her office. She had a full day ahead of her and needed some aspirin if she wanted to get anything done.  Grabbing two pills, she headed over to the water cooler to wash them down.

“Hey Rebecca, Jane was looking for you,” Paul said coming up to her. “She is in Production, something about the edits on the latest book or something like that.”

Nodding to Paul, “Thanks, I’ll head right over.”

Popping the pills into her mouth she washed them down with some water before she headed over to the Production Department.  Walking in  she saw Jane talking with Corey. They both looked up as she walked in.

“Hey, you were looking for me,” she asked.

“Morning. Corey and I were just going over the latest edits in the Anderson book and there seems to be some discrepancy with the wording of one of the sections.” Jane said. “Do you think you and Corey can put your heads together and come up with a solution?”

Looking at Corey, Rebecca smiled, “Yea sure. Corey, do you have some time today to go over this?”

“Yea sure, how about after lunch,” Corey said not looking up from the papers he was shuffling through.

Looking at Jane and shrugging, Rebecca said, “Perfect, see you at 1:00 then.”

Heading back to her office, Rebecca didn’t know why she felt excited but at the same time nervous about her meeting with Corey. Men normally tripped over each other to get to know her but for some reason, Corey hardly looked her way.  She always made it a rule to not sleep with anyone she worked with but for some reason, she looked at Corey as a challenge. She was bound and determined to add him to her list of bed partners one way or another.

Busy Weekend And Other Such Stuff…..

blog    Hello you wonderful people out there. It has been a crazy week and I have not bothered to update my blog. I shouldn”t say not bothered because that is not correct.  I have worried about not being able to update it.  I have just been too frikken busy.  It has been very hectic at my day job and I try to do as much writing as I can in the evenings.  I was working on (actually just finished today) another Amish Fiction Romance story, but this time I hit a brick wall in terms of where I wanted the story to go.  It felt like all my creativity disappeared and I couldn’t for the life of me, think of anything.  I would sit down at the laptop and pouffff, my mind would go blank.  Isn’t it  strange how that happens. This weekend, I sat down Saturday morning and it was as if the ideas started to flow like lava  – I managed to finish a 13,000 and some book in two days.   Isn’t it funny how that works?

For some of you thinking, Does this woman not have a life? I will explain.  My wonderful husband is on the waiting list for back surgery so his evenings and weekends are spent lying on the couch because the pain becomes too much to bear when he is standing or sitting.  He manages to go to work everyday but by the time he get home he heads straight to the couch for the remainder of the evening.  My heart breaks for him because he is an active guy and having to stay put on the couch is just tearing him up. But, one has to do what one has to do. I know once he has surgery, our lives will return to normal, so until then I have lots of time to write.

walking dead

Tonight is the season finale of The Walking Dead.  Must say, I am excited and nervous beyond anything I have ever experienced.  Who is going to die tonight?   I know I will be on pins and needles through out the show.

I was going to update my Weight Loss Page even though my week has not been as successful as I wanted it to be.  I have been eating healthy but  there was my husbands birthday on Wednesday and of course there was cake.  And with the cake there was ice cream.  And of course I had to have some so that threw my eating plan way off kilter.  I will make a point of sitting down tomorrow night and updating my page and hope for a better week.  tI will actually be grocery week so I can buy good healthy things for me to eat.

This brings me to another beef.  Adult children living at home.  And I can post this rant because my kids do not read anything I write.  Both my children are still living at home and going to school and the rules are that with them working strange hours I would be responsible for one meal and one meal only – Supper.  If they wanted things like Ice Cream or chips or snacks or lunch items – they could buy them themselves.  Is that reasonable?  After all, I am not a restaurant that caters to everyone’s taste.  My daughter is great – she will go to the grocery store  and pick herself up items that she wants and never complains.  My 22 year old son on the other hand will eat anything that he can get his hands on and that is free.  At 57  I have to hide my food. Trying to buy myself healthy choices is difficult and I feel like such a meany when I do buy something and I have to say to him – Don’t Touch It’s Mine.  As a Mom, we are used to providing for our children, making sure they have enough food so it is very hard to say NO you can’t have that.  My son will go to the grocery store to pick up a few things and he will come back with a bag of chips and a bottle of pepsi.  I wonder what his cupboards will be like when he finally moves out – two boxes of KDinner and a bag of chips. Hopefully if I get invited over to a meal, I won’t have to bring my own.

hiding food



To Blog Or Not To Blog – Is That The Question?

blogA couple of weeks have gone by since I made a serious effort to get my blog up and running.  I went through theme after theme trying to find the perfect one that just felt right.  Not understanding all the concepts, I turned to the wonderful people in some of the blogging communities I joined and asked questions as well as YouTube and the Internet.  Slowly I began to  understood a little more and blogging took on a whole new meaning to me.  I am by no means an expert and I still have a long ways to go, but I thought I would share a few things I have discovered in my journey.

  1. Blogging takes a lot of work.  It isn’t a matter of just setting up a page and writing in it every once in a while.  You have to interact with people and interact often.  Most important is to get your name out there.
  2. When I first started, I joined every blogging community I could find on Facebook.  I am not sure this was a smart thing to do because I soon became lost. Too many comments to comment on,  not remembering who I liked or followed.  I spent more time clicking peoples blogs only to discover I already followed them. I would have been smarter to maybe join one for beginners and work on that, then as I got more confident and experienced, join others.
  3. First thing I did was get my blog on every social media site I could find, Pinterest, Stumble etc. – not sure that was a smart thing to do  because I didn’t and still don’t understand how some of them work.  I think I would have been wiser to look into each site and fully learn how they work so I could interact properly.  These sites all have great benefits but if you don’t understand them, they are useless.
  4. Having a niche is very important.  Without one you are just  blogging for the sake of blogging.  If you are going to want people to follow you, you need to have something worthwhile for them to read and something interesting that makes them come back for more.
  5. Adsense isn’t going to make you lots of money.   Everyone wants to make money on their blog, well maybe not everyone but most, and I don’t expect to get rich with mine but I thought some pocket change would be nice.  So far with Adsense I have made a whopping 3 cents. – Yahooooo – am living the dream.
  6. There are a lot of great people out there.  Yes, there are.  Wonderful, helpful people who will answer questions and go out of their way to make sure you understand.
  7. You can like, follow and share all you want, if you don’t have good content on your blog, it will not go anywhere.   You have to walk the walk.  If people like or follow you, you have to make sure you like and follow them.
  8. If you are going to blog seriously, have a game plan.  Just don’t go into blogging without thinking it over or making a schedule.  Because I work full time and only do my blogging in the evenings and weekends, it is important that I have a plan.  I didn’t at first but realize now just how important it is.  Take some time to organize yourself so you know what nights (or days) you are going to do what.
  9. When ideas hit you, write them down.  There have been so many times I have been sitting on the bus or even sitting at work and an idea for a blog article will pop in my head and by the time I get home I have forgotten what it was or can’t find the words anymore for what I want to say.  I now make a point of writing it down or if I am on the bus, use my notebook feature on my cell phone.
  10. Don’t be afraid.  For years I never really wrote anything because I thought it sounded stupid, I didn’t think I was any good or I thought no one would want to read my rantings.  Now I wish I had started writing years ago.

So after making these discoveries, I have stepped back, taken a good look at my blog and made some changes.  Not sure it will help but I am bound and determined to make a go of it.

What has blogging done for me?  Well for one thing it has given me confidence.  Confidence to know that I have something worthwhile to say and people will listen.  It has improved my writing and allowed me the freedom to say what I feel and feel what I say.  It has given me courage to not be afraid to put words to paper or words to computer screen in this case.

Blogging is fun and it is also a lot of work.  Don’t give up – there are a lot of success stories out there and those are the ones that keep me going.

Happy Blogging to all you wonderful people out there.

Here Comes Peter CottonTail….

bunny eggs   With Easter upon us, everywhere you go, store shelves are filled with chocolate bunnies and chicks and the more modern chocolate footballs and tractors.  Not being a religious person, I don’t look at it with  any type of significance other than it was the only day as a child we got to each chocolate first thing in the morning and  I got to wear black patent leather shoes, my Easter bonnet and purse and my little white gloves.   I would fill up my little Easter purse with candy eggs that I found in my basket and head over to visit my best friend at the time, a little boy named Timmy, who lived around the corner, so I could share my eggs with him and we could compare Easter baskets.  Those days are just mere memories now, but they always make me smile when I think of them.


bunnyfootball bunny tractor

Loving weird and strange things and with the internet being a plethora of information, I took an opportunity to do a bit of research on Easter and found these interesting facts on Easter.

1. The largest Easter egg hunt took place in Florida on 1st April 2007 where 9,753 children searched for 501,000 Easter eggs!

2. An Easter egg covered in diamonds sold for almost £9 million in 2007, it was commissioned by the Russian royal family as an engagement gift for a French aristocrat.

3. An average UK household spends around £75 on Easter each year!

4. 90 million chocolate bunnies and 91.4 billion eggs are produced each year In the USA.

5. Easter sales account for 10 per cent of UK chocolate sales for the whole year.

6. The first UK chocolate egg was produced by Fry’s of Bristol in 1873.

7. The tallest ever chocolate Easter egg was made in 2011 in Italy, weighing 7,200kg and standing 10.39 metres tall which makes it heavier than an elephant and taller than a giraffe.

8. The tradition of giving eggs at Easter time has been tracked back to the Egyptians, Persians, Gauls, Greeks and Romans, they used to give eggs as a gift as to them it was a symbol of life.

9. The White House hosts an Easter Egg Roll on the front lawn each year. The tradition was introduced by President Rutherford B. Hayes in 1878.

10. The world’s most popular egg-shaped chocolate is unsurprisingly the Cadburys Cream Egg.

And I can’t let Easter go by without thinking of this.  I remember seeing it on a card in the Hallmark store and I laughed for days.  I mean, who wouldn’t find this funny.

bunny ears

So whatever Easter means to you, most importantly it is a time to spend with family, enjoy a good meal and eat chocolate.

To All My Internet Friends – Near and Far – easter


Why Can’t We All Just Get Along

gay heartGrowing up in the 70s, the idea of anyone being gay, lesbian, bisexual or even transgender was something you didn’t talk about.  In fact I remember seeing someone I went to high school with, who everyone used to talk about as being a kind of an odd guy, wearing eyeliner and working in the make up counter at the Bay after graduation.  The only thing that crossed my mind was – That is weird.  I mean, he was a nice guy, never did anything to hurt me in high school.  He was always friendly to me.  Who was I to judge.

Over the years I have worked with many gay and lesbian people and never really thought anything anything other than what wonderful people they are.  After all, someones sexual preference is no business of mine.  I have had several incidents in my life that have really made me think about this side of life. The first was when my Photographer husband was hired to photograph his first Lesbian wedding.  I agreed to go as his assistant  to help out, but partly because there was a curiosity.  They were a couple from down in the States, who wanted to start a family and it wasn’t legal for them to marry in their State, so they came up to Canada.

Now, being an emotional person, I have cried and still do, at every wedding I go to.  I don’t know what it is, but there is just something about a wedding, at that moment when the Bride walks in with her father and sees her husband to be  for the first time that brings tears to my eyes.  Maybe it is the romantic in me, I don’t know.  I was very curious to see if I would feel the same emotions at a Lesbian wedding that I do at a straight wedding.

Unfortunately the Brides father was not in favor of his daughters lifestyle and wouldn’t  attend,  but her mother was there and although I felt she might have been a bit uncomfortable, the fact that she was there to support her daughter made her A Okay in my books.  The ceremony started and in comes the Bride with her mother, walks up the aisle and sees her Bride waiting for her at the alter and the tears started to flow. I realized something very important that day.  I realized that it isn’t about  whether you are gay or straight,  it is all about LOVE.  The love that two people share when they finally find that perfect someone to spend the rest of their lives with. The fact that two people, who had had such a struggle and have had to fight for their rights can find happiness  and live a normal life just like straight people. The other Brides parents did not come and I remember thinking how sad that would be.  To have the most important time in your life happen, and your parents not attend because they refuse to accept a who you really are.

As a mother, the only thing I want for my children is to be happy. I went on to think about how I would react should they ever tell me they were gay.  It doesn’t matter.  They are my flesh and blood and all I ask is that they find love and be happy, even if that is with the same gender.  Would I, as a parent, be able to shun them and tell them they are no longer my child. I don’t understand how a parent can do that. I even told them, even before they started dating and were old enough to understand, that it didn’t matter to me.  That no matter what their preference was, I would love them no matter what. I didn’t want them living in fear or even worse, hiding who they really are because they are afraid how I would react.

I have since gone on to assist at several lesbian and gay weddings and the emotions are always there.  I think it is absolutely wonderful that two people can be proud of finding happiness and I have some wonderful friends who have since come out and married and it makes my heart swell with pride that they can now live a life full of love and be happy without ridicule or negativity.

It was through a friend that I became aware of the Transgender community.  Again, not something that I really thought about.  As a teenager, we would fall down laughing if we saw someone dressing as the other gender especially a man.  I mean who doesn’t love a good Drag Queen, flamboyant with a bit too much make up on.  That was the image that came to mind.   I had the opportunity to support this friend by attending a Transgender Christmas Party a few years ago and I have to say I was absolutely overwhelmed at the amount of people who are transgender and have struggled over the years  just to be heard. To see them all together, laughing and enjoying themselves really makes you think. For some of them, it is  one night of the year that they can actually be happy and be themselves.  That is just plain sad.

We, as straight heterosexual people, find so much fault in life, we are constantly criticizing people for their beliefs, for their preferences, for their loves, for their values, and for the color of their skin.  This needs to stop.  We need to look at everyone as equals. So what if they love the same gender, want to be another gender or even just dress as another gender occassionally, who are we to say it isn’t right. We need to look into their hearts and their souls.  They are all good people.  In fact, I think better people than some of the straight people I know.  I have met some pretty fickle straight people in my years, but have never met a fickle gay person.

It is time we start accepting that the world is changing.  People from all walks of life want rights, they want to be heard and it is up to us to stand and listen and welcome them with open arms.  I know my arms are open…. are yours?


gay 2


And So It Is Friday

wine   Yea, Friday.  The one day of the week everyone looks forward to.  I am sure it has something to do with the fact that most of us will be off for two days, but it is oh so much more than that.  I thought I would share with you some of the strange things that go through my mind when I wake up on Friday.

  1.  I can hit the snooze button one extra time because traffic is not bad on Friday morning.
  2. I can wear my jeans and get away with it, so I don’t have to think about what I am going to wear.
  3. I usually buy my lunch on Friday so the excitement of thinking about what I will eat is right up there.
  4. Both my kids work late on Friday night so there is just my husband and I at home – I don’t have to plan anything.
  5. I get to spend the weekend with my husband, which is always a plus.
  6. Tomorrow there is no alarm waking me up and even it I still wake up at 5:45 – it doesn’t matter cause it is Saturday.
  7. That feeling of complete relaxation when you get home on Friday, knowing you don’t have to work the next day.
  8. New episode of GRIMM is on tonight.
  9. Saturday morning breakfasts – yummy
  10. Friday Night Wine – always a given.

What are some of the things you look forward to on a Friday?  Would love to hear about them.



Quotes of Inspiration

Don’t let fear or insecurity stop you from trying new things. Believe in yourself. Do what you love. And most importantly, be kind to others, even if you don’t like them.     — Stacy London


Whatever you want in life, other people are going to want it too. Believe in yourself enough to accept the idea that you have an equal right to it.     — Diane Sawyer


If you think you can, you can. And if you think you can’t, you’re right.     — Mary Kay Ash

and the ever so famous, one that my husband lives by everyday….


The Night I Made Jennifer Aniston Cry

Yep, I did.  Made her cry like a baby.  It was during an interview where I was asking her questions about what it was like to be the daughter of Dr. Phil.   I also do a pretty mean imitation of Dr. Phil too.   It was just in a dream, but that is besides the point.  I made her cry and how many people can say that.

Dreams!  Why the heck do we dream some of the nonsense we do.  I can remember it like it was real.  Jennifer was Dr. Phil’s daughter and I was asking her what it was like going through her teenage years and if Dr. Phil would analyze all her thoughts as she grew up. So whenever I would ask her a question about something Dr. Phil would say I would say it in his voice.  She got upset with me because she thought I was making fun of her Dad and started to cry.

ca. 2004 --- Dr. Phil McGraw Giving Thumbs Up --- Image by © Robert Trachtenberg/CORBIS OUTLINE

J. aniston

Now, I don’t give a lot of thought about Jennifer Aniston or Dr. Phil.  In fact I find them both a bit annoying, but why the heck would I dream about them.  I have had weird dreams in the past that when I wake up I can say – Okay I know why I dreamt that, especially after my husband and I have watched a Criminal Minds marathon on the TV, but sometimes I just wake up and think WTF.

I found these interesting facts on the internet I thought I would share.  I especially find Fact #4 amusing seeing as I have dreamt I have won money or I have become famous.  Could that be in my future?  Who knows.  I have come to the conclusion that rather than trying to analyze the Why of my dreams, I just look at them for the amusement that they really are..

Fact #1: You can’t read while dreaming, or tell the time

If you are unsure whether you are dreaming or not, try reading something. The vast majority of people are incapable of reading in their dreams. The same goes for clocks: each time you look at a clock it will tell a different time and the hands on the clock won’t appear to be moving as reported by lucid dreamers.

Fact #2: Lucid dreaming

There is a whole subculture of people practicing what is called lucid or conscious dreaming. Using various techniques, these people have supposedly learned to assume control of their dreams and do amazing things like flying, passing through walls, and traveling to different dimensions or even back in time.

Fact #3: Inventions inspired by dreams

Dreams are responsible for many of the greatest inventions of mankind. A few examples include:

  • The idea for Google -Larry Page
  • Alternating current generator -Tesla
  • DNA’s double helix spiral form -James Watson
  • The sewing machine -Elias Howe
  • Periodic table -Dimitri Mendeleyev

…and many, many more.

Fact #4: Premonition dreams

There are some astounding cases where people actually dreamt about things which happened to them later, in the exact same ways they dreamed about. You could say they got a glimpse of the future, or it might have just been coincidence. The fact remains that this is some seriously interesting and bizarre phenomena. Some of the most famous premonition dreams include:

  • Abraham Lincoln dreamt of His Assassination
  • Many of the victims of 9/11 had dreams warning them about the catastrophe
  • Mark Twain’s dream of his brother’s demise
  • 19 verified precognitive dreams about the Titanic catastrophe

Fact #5: Sleep paralysis

Hell is real and it is called sleep paralysis. It’s the stuff of true nightmares. I’ve been a sleep paralysis sufferer as a kid and I can attest to how truly horrible it is. Two characteristics of sleep paralysis are the inability to move (hence paralysis) and a sense of an extremely evil presence in the room with you. It doesn’t feel like a dream, but 100% real. Studies show that during an attack, sleep paralysis sufferers show an overwhelming amygdala activity. The amygdala is responsible for the “fight or flight” instinct and the emotions of fear, terror and anxiety. Enough said!

Fact #6: REM sleep disorder

In the state of REM (rapid-eye-movement) stage of your sleep your body is normally paralyzed. In rare cases, however, people act out their dreams. These have resulted in broken arms, legs, broken furniture, and in at least one reported case, a house burnt down.

Fact #7: Sexual dreams

The very scientifically-named “nocturnal penile tumescence” is a very well documented phenomenon. In laymen’s term it simply means that you get a stiffy while you sleep. Actually, studies indicate that men get up to 20 erections per dream.

Fact #8: Unbelievable Sleepwalkers

Sleepwalking is a very rare and potentially dangerous sleep disorder. It is an extreme form of REM sleep disorder, and these people don’t just act out their dreams, but go on real adventures at night.

Lee Hadwin is a nurse by profession, but in his dreams he is an artist. Literally. He “sleepdraws” gorgeous portraits, of which he has no recollection afterwards. Strange sleepwalking “adventures” include:

  • A woman having sex with strangers while sleepwalking
  • A man who drove 22 miles and killed his cousin while sleepwalking (how is this even possible?)
  • A sleepwalker who walked out of the window from the third floor, and barely survived

Fact #9: Dream drug

There are actually people who like dreaming and dreams so much that they never want to wake up. They want to continue on dreaming even during the day, so they take an illegal and extremely potent hallucinogenic drug called Dimethyltryptamine. It is actually only an isolated and synthetic form of the chemical our brains produce naturally during dreaming.

Fact #10 Dream-catcher

The dream-catcher is one of the most well-known Native American symbols. It is a loose web or webs woven around a hoop and decorated with sacred objects meant to protect against nightmares.

So  tonight, when you turn off your lights and roll over to get in that favorite position you usually get into, drift into dreamland knowing that when you wake up, your mind will have returned from its crazy adventure and leave you shaking your head.  Don’t sit and wonder why, sit back and enjoy it for what it was – A dream…… or was it.



Finger Licking .. WHAT?????

I remember as a child when the first Kentucky Fried Chicken opened up in my home town, the commercials on the TV portrayed the Colonel as a stately Southern Gentleman. He was someone who was respected among the Fried Chicken Community. He came across as a quiet man, content with finding that perfect recipe that would bring people flocking into his stores.

col saundersThe commercials were always informative and would keep you abreast of all the latest offers.  Every Sunday the store would be packed with Fathers waiting to pick up a bucket for dinner.  Even on cold winter days, when people would be cooped up, they would venture out to get that hot steamy bucket of chicken.  For those who weren’t sure what to order, they would stand in line and when they got to the cash they would wing it.   It didn’t matter what their choice was, it would be good and it would be finger licking Good.

Now, fast forward to today.  They have recreated the role of Colonel Saunders and I have to say, they are making him out to be an IDIOT.  I am sorry, but dancing around the office or having stupid nightmares about aliens and the end of Hot Chicken Sandwiches as we know them.  Come On.

The old Colonel  made me think of sweet magnolias and mint juleps and willow trees and southern belles wearing  hooped skirts carrying little frilly umbrellas.  Having a bucket of chicken was like having the Colonel come to your place.

Over the years I found that wonderfully chicken recipe has changed and most of the Chicken outlets in the area are slowly closing. Now with the reintroduction of the comical Colonel, rather than bringing me back to that wonderful finger licking goodness, it is pushing me away even further.

I would have to think that  the real Colonel is probably rolling over in his grave, hiding his face in shame  and apologizing to chickens all over the world.