Love Thy Neighbours – Ya Right

I have lived in my home for over 25 years now.  It is a semi-detached in a nice neighborhood.   It is the type of neighborhood where I have watched the neighborhood  kids go from being little toddlers at the park to pimply faced  teenagers to young adults driving and eventually moving away.  Being in a semi-detached, you don’t have the real privacy you would have in a single family home, although now with the homes being built so close together, I often wonder what is the real difference.  Neighbors have come and gone beside us and we have been fairly lucky.  First neighbors I had when I first moved in were young, new baby, very quiet and respectable until I found out they split up and were selling.    We then got a great family, four kids, but at that time I was having my babies so the noise didn’t really bother me as I am sure we were a bit loud at times with little feet running around.  When they moved we were blessed with  a single mother and her three daughters.   Very quiet people who I quickly discovered  did not like it when I turned my television up a few notches when looking at a movie.   At the time our basement was not finished so our TV was in the living room.   I would quickly hear the bang bang bang on the adjoining wall telling us we were too loud.  I begged to differ.  This became very annoying as it seemed that  any little noise we made would bring the bang bang bang back.  I was relieved when they moved.  Our next neighbor was a single young lady who ended up being like a daughter to me.  She was great.  I looked forward to our chats over the fence and we were always exchanging jokes and comments and even a few glasses of wine.  It was a very sad day when she met the man of her dreams and announced she was selling.  I still miss her.  This brings us to our now neighbors.  A brother and sister in their twenties with lots and lots, let me emphasis on the lots, of friends.  They sit out on the deck smoking not only cigarettes, talking loud, cursing  and when smoking the wacky tabacky, hack and cough up a lung at all hours of the night.  Seeing as our bedroom window is on the second floor in the back of the house, the noises sound like they are actually sitting right outside our bedroom window.  Our once peaceful back yard has not been so peaceful this summer.  We have had a few nights were we have sat outside and enjoyed the tranquility because they have been away but very rarely.  If they are out and come home in the early hours, they usually have to go out and have that last cigarette before bed with all the friends that have come home with them and they talk like it is 2:00 in the afternoon rather than 2:00 in the morning.   I have so far remained calm and been a very good neighbor and the twitch in my left eye has not been too bad and I have been able to control it.   If I  just  remember to stay away from the machete in the shed and I think we are good.  Or maybe next party they have and they are all sitting out on the deck, I will come out wearing only my underwear with a lampshade over my head and start speaking in tongues and rant about the end of the world.  That will shut them up or maybe I will get invited to the party. Either way a win win situation, I think.

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