Good Luck Selling Your House

Dear Person who is trying to sell their house:

Seeing as we are planning on selling in a few months, I have started to look around at potential places to live when we move.  I came across your house for sale on one of the websites, and after browsing through the many photos that you posted, I thought I would just pass on a bit of advice.

1 – Please don’t take a picture of the corner of your room or a section of the wall.  I am sure they are very nice, but I am more interested in seeing the whole room as opposed to just a part of it.

2 – I know over the years you have accumulated a lot of stuff, but I don’t want to see it all piled up on the floor of the living room, kitchen, bathroom, and bedrooms.  It might be a good idea to clean a bit so I can get an idea of what the room looks like without all your clutter.

3 – Please do your laundry.  Showing me a picture of your laundry room with a pile of dirty clothes on the floor and on top of the washer – isn’t going to make me run to the bank.

4 – Please and I can’t stress this enough, please learn how to take a decent clear picture.  It really doesn’t get me all excited to see a fuzzy image of your bathroom or any other room for that matter.

5 – I like a nice kitchen.  If you have a nice kitchen and want me to love it, please do your dishes and tidy up your counters.  I really don’t want to see all your junk.

6 – Open your curtains.  Nothing says stuffy like a dark, bleak room – I look for how sunny the room is because I like sun and brightness –  believe it or not.

7 – Maybe make your beds when you take a picture of your bedrooms – I know, you only sleep in them again that night – but really – a nice clean made bed in the middle of your bedroom kinda gets me excited and I have visions of what my bed would look in that room.

8 – The backyard – OMG  – clean the backyard.  I want to see space, a patio, some chairs anything that makes me feel that I want to sit out there – relax and drink wine – not bikes, broken wagons, BBQ parts, old cars, garbage bags and yes —- more of your stuff.

9 – Not sure how bad you want to sell – but adding a coat of paint in some places might help too – People tend to go for the bright stuff – just saying.

10 – Not having any pictures.  There is nothing worse than seeing a picture of a pretty little house and think – that is perfect only to discover there are no pictures of it.  Makes me wonder what do you not want me to see.

So I found this site on the internet that might be of interest to you.  Take a few minutes and read it.  You might find your house sells a bit faster.  I mean isn’t that what you want?

Tips for selling your home

Sincerely – A future buyer.



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