Finger Licking .. WHAT?????

I remember as a child when the first Kentucky Fried Chicken opened up in my home town, the commercials on the TV portrayed the Colonel as a stately Southern Gentleman. He was someone who was respected among the Fried Chicken Community. He came across as a quiet man, content with finding that perfect recipe that would bring people flocking into his stores.

col saundersThe commercials were always informative and would keep you abreast of all the latest offers.  Every Sunday the store would be packed with Fathers waiting to pick up a bucket for dinner.  Even on cold winter days, when people would be cooped up, they would venture out to get that hot steamy bucket of chicken.  For those who weren’t sure what to order, they would stand in line and when they got to the cash they would wing it.   It didn’t matter what their choice was, it would be good and it would be finger licking Good.

Now, fast forward to today.  They have recreated the role of Colonel Saunders and I have to say, they are making him out to be an IDIOT.  I am sorry, but dancing around the office or having stupid nightmares about aliens and the end of Hot Chicken Sandwiches as we know them.  Come On.

The old Colonel  made me think of sweet magnolias and mint juleps and willow trees and southern belles wearing  hooped skirts carrying little frilly umbrellas.  Having a bucket of chicken was like having the Colonel come to your place.

Over the years I found that wonderfully chicken recipe has changed and most of the Chicken outlets in the area are slowly closing. Now with the reintroduction of the comical Colonel, rather than bringing me back to that wonderful finger licking goodness, it is pushing me away even further.

I would have to think that  the real Colonel is probably rolling over in his grave, hiding his face in shame  and apologizing to chickens all over the world.


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