Dreams do come true …..

2901 - Straight Ahead
Dreams do come true

This is a story about music. Not only is it about music, it is about the love of music.  It is about the creation of something so powerful that people will flock to buy, download and at times steal just to listen to it.  It is also about dreams.  Dreams, that a man had one day to let the world know about his music.  It is about perseverance, dedication, stubbornness, satisfaction and pure unadulterated joy.

This story is about my husband, a man who loves music and a man who fulfilled two dreams he had despite the odds against him and all those who said he could never do it.

Not only does he love to play the guitar, he also loves to write lyrics and over the years, he has written several songs, which are filed away in a big white lyric binder in his office. Of all those pages of lyrics, four of them had special meaning to him and he felt they needed to be set to music and heard.  He believed in them and he believed that the lyrics were powerful enough to have an impact in the music world.  Different bands that he had formed over the years performed the songs at some of the smaller gigs they played and they were always met with great applause from the various audiences.

Fulfilling his first dream to play live was crossed off his list several years ago, when he had the opportunity to play at a Woodstock type concert in a small town called Ettyville, Ontario. Even though it took him a few Mikes Hard Lemonades to get up on stage, once there, he didn’t want the evening to end.

His next dream was to record a CD with four of his original songs. Whether the CD was ever played anywhere, didn’t matter. He just wanted something that he could look back on and say – I Did This.

Bands come and go and life has a habit of getting in the way, so the dream of recording had to be put on hold for a while. The idea of recording was brought up to one of the bands he had played in but all the band members felt they weren’t good enough to record not to mention the cost that was involved.  Being a very stubborn man (yes, stubborn) he decided he would take a different route.  He hired a music producer who brought in session musicians and a singer.  Hiring Steve Foley of Audio Valley Recording in Ottawa, was one of the best decisions he made.  Brian brought him the clay and Steve molded them into masterpieces.

The CD – 2901 – Straight Ahead contains four songs, full of meaning and emotion.

Tip of My Soul is a tribute to musicians like Buddy Holly, Ronnie Van Zant and all other artists who left us either by accident or by self destruction and even Brian’s  Mother who died of cancer way to young. He believes that any talent he has was bestowed on him by his Mother who made sure that her son not only played a musical instrument but played it well.

Jagged Glass, also named after a band he played in for a while was written as a result of being in a very difficult and painful relationship, and his message to anyone entering into one is to tread slowly, stand your ground, be yourself, and don’t tolerate bullshit that gets thrown your way.

Loud as Hell is a result of dealing with a table full of bullies at a wedding he was photographing, who constantly badgered him about the fact he wasn’t smiling and also from the constant reminders from his band mates that his amp was too loud, which Brian would always replay – It can never be TOO LOUD.

Straight Ahead was inspired by the 3 long term relationships in his life, the transitions between these relationships, the mistakes he freely admits he made along the way, and finally finding that one person who completed him and how now after all these years, he can finally move Straight Ahead.

I am so very proud of my husband. Most people have dreams they never fulfill and as they grow older they look back on their lives and have many regrets. My husband had a dream and he made it happen.  He had to sacrifice a lot to get there, but he did it.  There were some brick walls along the way that had to be pushed down, but that never stopped him.  He never gave up.  Every time I listen to these four songs, I feel nothing but pride.

Please consider  downloading the EP  and the sale of the CD will be coming soon on Amazon – and if you love the music, please spread the word. I believe in these songs and I believe the world needs to hear them. The only thing I ask, is when you listen to them – play them Loud as Hell.

Please Click to 2901 WebPage  to download

27 thoughts on “Dreams do come true …..

  1. Craig

    Beautiful as always Karen and this is why my bro loves you so much, but also by those who love him very much because you complete him while letting him be himself. Oh and thanks for pointing out stubborn.

  2. Great story, he’s lucky to have such a supportive life partner. Are they up on YouTube?

    • No they aren’t but if you check out the website – http://www.2901.ca – you can download them off of CD Baby for .99 each or the whole album. There are also sound clips you can listen to, to make sure you like the music.

  3. very heartfelt post ! you are an amazing woman and a great wife . Yes is great he follows his dreams no matter what !

  4. Oh how wonderful this is just living testament to you can make any dream happen even if there is a lot of sacrifices that need to be made along the way. I love that he dedicated it to fallen artists and his mother who died too young!

  5. Talk about living out a dream! That is so cool! I love hearing people that have actually accomplished hard things and made them a priority even when there are setbacks. I will have to check that out!

  6. This is such a great story about somebody chasing their dreams and catching them! So great!!

  7. Nice story. I can sense that you are a proud wife. What a supportive partner you are. Very admirable!

  8. This is so cool! It must feel amazing for him to finally have a CD coming out on Amazon. It must have been hard work!

  9. Your blog post speaks highly that sacrifice can make a positive difference in the end. congrats to you husband. Too many people tend to discourage you in doing what you think is best for yourself. What I take from this is to not listen to this people because they do not bring any good to me. Good thing that your husband pursued his despite challenges he faced.

  10. That is truly amazing that you are supportive and that he was able to achieve his dreams.

  11. wow this is so inspiring, pursuing your dreams no matter what others have to say and no matter what age you are. These are so true. And finally happy for both of you. Being a music lover am surely gonna these out.

  12. I love hearing about people that are following their dreams and bringing enjoyment to others.

  13. It’s great to hear that he has followed his heart and pursued his music. I know a lot of people that are currently struggling with this but it’s great to see he’s already produced so much work!

    • Thanks Laura, it was a real eye opener being in the studio and watching how they create a CD. We loved the result.

  14. I am inspired by successful people and try to learn as much as I can from them.

    • Thanks for the comments. Am pretty proud of him and that he stuck it to the end. We were more than happy with the results.

  15. Fatima Ali

    Sacrificing for fulfilling a dream does work in the end. You are a great and loving woman. Good luck for everything.

    • Thanks Fatima – It was a fun project to help him with.

  16. You’re such a great wife, what an inspiration! I’m so happy he’s able to follow his dreams with your support

    • Thanks for the Comments Jenn M. It was an amazing process to be involved in.

  17. What an amazing story! I am so glad your husband made his dream come true! Is’s really so cool his CD is coming out on Amazon! He did a great job! Follow your dream no matter what! Happy for both of you! 🙂

    • Thanks so much Eugenia I am pretty proud of him.

  18. This is amazing, I love reading posts like this. You are very supportive and he is a lucky man. I wish him well! I am heading to over to have a listen.

    • Thanks so much. I hope you like them. His next thing to cross off his bucket list is to have one or all played on the radio. He has been in touch with a few who actually want him to send the CD so we are keeping out fingers crossed.

  19. I actually found this more enrietatning than James Joyce.

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