Step Up Parenting

Schoolchildren (14-16) having paper fight in classroom

Wow – it has been a while hasn’t it.  Sorry about that.  Have been a bit busy with, for want of another word, Life…  There just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day to do the things I want to do.  Between, working, writing, planning, summarizing, editing, cooking, cleaning, being a wife, and mother and trying to slip in a few extra minutes to myself here and there, days are definitely not long enough.  The great thing is we are leaving for our vacation in a few days, and I can’t wait.  The green hills of Ireland are calling me.  It’s going to be fantastic.  Just me, my hubby, no work, no phones, and no kids…Just Us.

So, other than promising to write in my blog more,  there was a situation this past week that involved my daughter, that got me thinking –  there is a Rant needing to get out. She is 21 and away for her 3rd summer working as a Sous-Chef at a summer camp.  I am pretty proud of her.  After graduating from College in the Baking and Pastry Arts Program 3 years ago, she has decided that this is not the career she wanted and made the decision to go back to school in the fall in an Animal Care Program so she can work with animals, possibly in a zoo or in wildlife conservation.   Anyway, I digress.  The reason for my post is to talk about parenting these days. I have raised two children, and I taught them that they must work hard to get anywhere and most of all they must respect people, especially people of authority.  Two summers in a row now, my daughter has had summer students come up to work at the camp.  They are around 16-17, fresh out of High School and the degree of maturity and respect are definitely lacking.  My daughter has told me about several situations, where girls have bullied other girls in the kitchen, where my daughter and the Chef have had to speak to them several times on their attitude in the kitchen, where they talk back to those in charge, give attitude, roll their eyes when told to do something, give attitude when reminded of chores they have to do and basically talk about people behind their backs.  I am a firm believer that teenager’s actions reflect their home life, and I have to scratch my head when I think, what are parents doing nowadays.  Are they so immersed in their cell phones or their lives, that they let their children run free?  What ever happened to being punished when you spoke back to someone?  That you respected a person you knew was your superior, and  made sure the job was done to the best of your ability, whether you liked it or not.

This past week, the camp has had to let two girls go because of bullying and attitude and apparently before they left they bad mouthed the Chef and my daughter to anyone who would listen, including writing a two-page letter to the catering company filled with lies about the kitchen. Like who does this? Where do they learn this behavior? Their parents come and pick them up with no questions asked. If that were me, I would want to speak to someone to find out what took place. There are two sides to every story. I have never been one to think my children are perfect or have I ever let on that they were. Whenever there was a situation that involved them when they were in school, I made sure I listened to both sides, and I can usually tell when my kids were lying to me. If I felt my kids were being treated unfairly, I would say so, but if I knew my kids were at fault, they would be punished, and I made sure they never did it again.

Parents get off your Asses and start taking charge. Stop trying to be your kid’s friend and man up….be a parent. These, rude, obnoxious, disrespectful bullies that you are raising are our future. Are these the type of people you want to unleash into society?

Personally, I want people to talk favorably about my children after they have left a workplace and as a mother, hearing good things about my son or daughter, is what makes me know, as a parent, I did a great job.

What about some other parents out there. What are your views on how children are raised these days?  Would love to hear them.

Until then…..Keep Writing.