About Karen

Having a very creative mind, Karen was always told she had missed her calling from co-workers, friends, and family. Growing up, she loved to get lost in a good romance novel and it wasn’t until someone planted the bug in her ear that she thought about writing her own.  After taking a few creative writing courses, she began thinking up stories in her head but found when it came time to write them down, they would just become a pile of words on a page so in frustration she put that dream to the side and went on in life.  Two children later, a divorce and a remarriage, this time to the right guy, Karen once again thought about writing.  Getting near to retirement age, she wondered what she could do in her spare time and the first thing that popped into her head was – WRITE.  Still not having the confidence or thinking that she was not very good, she found a freelance site and did a few writing jobs.  It wasn’t until she was hired as a ghostwriter for Amish Romance Novellas that she actually became confident in herself.  She finally got the courage to write and publish her own Amish Romance Novella and is working on some other projects with confidence and determination.  Newly retired, she plans on spending more time on her writings including completing some books she started a long time ago.

Karen still claims she has a lot to learn and that she isn’t the greatest writer but now having gained her confidence, none of that matters. She hopes that people will enjoy reading her books as much as she enjoyed writing them.

So welcome to my world, kick off your shoes, put your feet up, pour yourself a glass of wine and enjoy.